male myth bust

There is literally no big advantage to having an above average penis. Fun fact: you trade large size for sensitivity (orgasms will take longer and be meh most of the time) and say goodbye to topping 8/10 times you engage in intercourse. Few if any men outside of pornos wants their holes penetrated by something they can put both hands around.

~the more you know~

the harsh truths

I am learning that weakness is a choice and not an option if you want to remain in tact.
If you are to make a difference in this world you must learn how to care for others without making a home out of them or making their burden your own.The more desperately you desire someone the less they will want to be in your company.This is how the world works. And if you don’t like it then sucks to suck because the world isn’t going to change for you. You have to be the one to grow beyond it. Drop all expectations. Strengthen yourself or be torn down. Let go of that which pains you or be dragged by it.

"You wanted smooth sailing and I’ve always been a tsunami."

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Anonymous asked:
You're really cute and I know you have a boyfriend and you're really happy but I wish you never left Florida.

Your words are kind.
Thank you.

adapt or die

There are small flames left over from
everyone who has ever used action to show me they cared.
And, even if they cross the street to avoid me, their past actions remain inside
—they warm like kindling.
I must say, at least update them,
If you are out there, wondering
I remember your embers
But I am not here anymore
A part of me has left to the mountain.
He has gone to rediscover the scent of lilacs in Spring.
My condolences if this is an inconvenience
I do not know if he will ever return.

My friend’s boyfriend passed away sometime ago and today she sat at his grave and drank 3 beers in honor of what would have been his 21st birthday on April 21, 2014.

That is so fucking heartbreaking.

I can’t help but think that people distance themselves from me emotionally because they think I’m strange or weak. :/

Humans are not instinctively cruel beings. We come from tribes. Our primal instincts tell us that our survival and ability to thrive depends on each other’s joined efforts. We want to help each other. However, those same primal instincts also tell us that survival is imperative. We won’t want to help anyone who we view as a threat. Making allies, friendships isn’t the easy option but it’s more often than not the right one. People will always be more willing to help you if you are kind and well acquainted.